Newcastle Student Accommodation Areas

The bustling city of Newcastle is a lively place for uni students. Two universities in town ensure that students will be able to mingle with one another while living it up in a bright city. Newcastle seamlessly blends modernity with its interesting heritage, giving the city a unique feel that is bound to appease students.

The townspeople, also called Georgies, are proud of their beautifully lined streets and offer much in the way of entertainment and things to do. Variety in activities promises that university students will have places to study and places to hang. Delicious eateries, chill pubs, essential markets, and artsy galleries line the streets and hide promises of delight inside.

Student accommodations are sprinkled throughout Newcastle, so we have put together this guide to help students find their way.

Newcastle Student Accommodation Areas

As a new student, you will want to find accommodations as soon as possible. We have found that each area included within this guide brings something distinctive and worthwhile to the table.


Heaton is the place to be for those looking for an affordable option further away from the bustling city life. The shops and popular student hangouts are conveniently located on Coach Lane Campus and Chillingham Road. You won’t have to make multiple trips around town since this area has everything you could need. Supermarkets and other shops let you get all the essentials with ease. Meanwhile, restaurants and cafes are in abundance as well.

Heaton Park is in the center of Heaton is a wonderful place to take a peaceful stroll and enjoy activities that are held there throughout the year. Festivals and other activities held here are great for students to interact outside of the lecture hall or typical bar location.

This location is further from both universities than others, so keep that in mind. Many of the eateries in Heaton are fairly priced and offer takeaway.

Newcastle City Centre

The liveliest place in the bunch here comes with a price, but it is worth it. You will be situated near the universities, so you will have the absolute privilege of short walks to lectures. A shorter commute means sleeping in or more time to rush finish that research essay you started last minute.

The nightlife and busy streets here mean that you will never lack in things to do. Retail therapy is available in the form of vintage shops and other locations. Step out of your door and right into the popular student life of restaurants, bars, and clubs. With the convenient location of shops and entertainment, you can forgo expensive taxi fares when the night is over.

Let’s not forget about the Metro Radio Arena. If music is your thing, you will love being so close to this entertainment stadium.

The busy city life might get a tad bit overwhelming at times, but you can always unwind at the beautiful Leazes Park or the infamous Quayside.

Due to the convenient location near both universities, shops, and crazy nightlife, Newcastle city centre is on the pricier end of student housing options. Students who enjoy a touch of everything with easy access to their university will enjoy everything the city centre has to offer.


As the most popular area of Newcastle for students, Jesmond lives up to its potential with gorgeous views and its proximity to Newcastle city centre. You will get a homier feel living in Jesmond with the mixture of family homes amongst the student housing locations.

That homey feel does not mean a lack of fun or entertainment. Students flock to Osbourne Road for the restaurants and bars. Many of these bars know their prime customers are students, and they will offer happy hour deals.

Local shopping includes market essentials like Tesco Metro store, so you won’t have to travel out if you need to pick up some groceries.

Metro will get you to your lectures in 5-minutes while a nice, brisk walk will get you there in about 25-minutes. Two Metro locations will get you where you need to be – whether that’s the coast, town shops, or to university.

This comfort and convenience drive up the cost of housing, but it is well worth it for the perfect balance of affordability and city living.


Sandyford is the ideal location for students who require a bit of peace and quiet in order to take their schoolwork seriously. Sandyford is known for their popular and quirky bars – As You Like It and Mr. Lynch.

Jesmond’s Osbourne Road is a short distance to walk for a greater selection of bars and other fun places. Newcastle city centre is also a brief 10-minute walk from Sandyford, as well.

The area is largely residential and homier than the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities. Studying in a quiet café is the quintessential student habit. Or, sit outside and get some nice fresh air to rejuvenate yourself after a stressful lecture.

Fenham and Arthurs Hill

This location is a bit further out from both universities than the others. There is less to do in town for the outgoing student who enjoys the more wild and adventurous nightlife. Nevertheless, this is a stunning area with more natural areas to relax. Luscious parks with large green areas will be a peaceful place to end the day.

This area is a residential area with many larger homes available for students. Friends commonly rent out a larger home and share costs.


Newcastle has so many options to choose from when looking for student housing. On one hand, you have a city with a booming nightlife are perfect for those who cool down with a night out after powering through a paper. On the other hand, you have a peaceful, residential area that is ideal for those who want to take a breather after a lecture and relax in a quieter area. Enjoy these things and everything in between. Newcastle is definitely the place as your home away from home while studying at university.

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