How to reduce stress when moving house

Moving is far from an easy feat. Between finding a place, packing, cleaning and finding transportation, there is a lot on your plate to do. It is no wonder why people dread moving and try to find ways to make it easier. If you have a move coming up, or may just want to be prepared if the occasion should ever arise, there are things you can do to make it less of a hassle.

To help you eliminate some of the stress of moving, there are some tricks you should be taking advantage of.

How to reduce stress when moving house

If you are sick of the stress that comes with moving, try some of these tips:

Start Early

The best way to prevent unnecessary stress while moving is to start the process in advance. Waiting until the last minute will always take a toll on you and you are more likely to make mistakes. Organization is key, so take time to make a list of everything that needs to be done and what you can start doing now.

Switching information over, filling out forms and getting to know the area all need to be done as well. Think about all the different tasks and start collecting forms or information that you will need to fill out. You should also start packing the non-essential items that you aren’t currently using.

Make A Plan

In addition to all of the non-packing tasks you will need to do, you should also plan for the packing itself. Think about where things will go in the new place and how you will need to pack things. If you need boxes or will want to hire help, you should start looking for sources and try to find the best people to go with. The more you plan, the more mystery and guessing you can avoid. It is important, though to remember that even the most planned out event can go wrong. So, it is helpful to have a backup plan or two at the ready.

Don’t Forget Labels

The last thing you want when you get to your new home is trying to figure out where everything is. Labels are crucial in making sure everything ends up in the right boxes and in the right room. Being able to tell what is in a box without having to open it will help you save time and stress as you start to sort out your new home. The more detailed the labels, the less guess work there is.

Have an Essentials Bag

No matter how much you prepare and how much you get done, you will inevitably end up searching for something you need at the end of the day. To prevent this, every person in the household should pack a bag of their essentials so they can easily access them without hassle. This should include bedsheets, clothing, toothbrush and toothpaste, and any medication you may take. If you have pets, you should do a bag for them as well to have the dishes, food and a few toys ready to go to help them settle in.

Get Rid of Clutter

Moving is a perfect time to get rid of all the junk and clutter that you collect over time. Take some time to go through what you have in your home and think about whether or not you need it. Anything you need you should pack up, anything you don’t should be donated. This will help you save time, and start of your new home without all the clutter you don’t need.

Take A Break

Throughout the process, it is incredibly important to remember to take a break every now and again. Getting buried in the project can cause tunnel vision and make it hard to think about anything other than getting the task done. But to help you keep your sanity, you need to be able to step back and take a breather every now and again. This can be as simple as drinking a cup of tea or going for a walk, or like going out to see people and spending a few hours away from the project.

Hire Professionals

By far, one of the best ways to decrease stress is to let someone else do the work. While you may not think that you need to have a professional, the amount of time and energy you save quickly makes them worth the money. No need to worry about bothering friends, or starting fights with loved ones, just step out of the way and let the pros take over.

You are less likely to have damage to your items, you won’t need to worry about hurting yourself, and you can focus on the unpacking process at the new location. Professionals are also much faster when it comes to moving, making it a time saver in the long run.

Move on Friday

Fridays seem to be the most popular day to move. With the weekend almost here, you can minimize your time off work and utilize the time to get the major things done. Moving everything over on Friday during the day will help you to avoid the traffic of the Friday nights or weekend travels.

Saturday and Sunday can be used to unpack, organize and try to get the majority of things settled. No vacation days wasted, no school days missed, and three days to start getting back into your daily rhythm.


While most everyone assumes that moving has to be a hectic and stress-filled time, that doesn’t have to be the case. Moving has evolved a lot in the past decade, and many new tips and tricks are available to use. Don’t make starting a new chapter in your life start with fights and headaches. Let your new home get the welcome it deserves, and enjoy your fresh start by reducing the hassle of moving. By taking advantage of this information, you will be amazed how great a move can actually be.

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